High Pressure Mine Water Control Valves by Dual Valves Australasia

Ensure all fluid is evenly distributed around your piping with the Dual Valves supplied range of water control valves.


Hydromine Projects range of mine water control valves, isolation, shutdown valves and more with high pressures of up to 25MPa are designed for mine water reticulation, pressure and fluid control, pump stations, air cooling plants and energy recovery plants.

Isolating Valves

  • Seals Polyurethane
  • Shuttle and Spindle 431SS
  • Body and Covers Carbon/Stainless Steel

Shutdown Valves

  • Pipeline safety, when excess flow occurs
  • Water-hammer prevention
  • Resetting excessive demand/pipe burst
  • Remote/manual isolation
  • Shutdown setting adjustment

Level Control Valves

  • Remote start/stop
  • Pressure relief
  • Flow/pressure/level control
  • Excess flow shutdown

Shock Prevention Valves

  • Solution for high-pressure vertical or inclined pumping systems
  • Opens simultaneously preventing water hammer
  • Column draining
  • No need for actuators, pilots, sophisticated instruments or external power source

Energy Dissipaters

  • Tailor made
  • reduces upstream pressure
  • Body Carbon/Stainless Steel
  • Stages 431SS hardened
  • Spacers – steel

Pressure Reducing Valves

  • Water-hammer prevention
  • DN25 to DN600
  • Rating 10 to 250bar
  • Fixed ratio
  • Alternative control and actuation

Non-Return Valves

  • Non-slam
  • Long life low maintenance
  • Spring loaded shuttle
  • Closing speed control
  • DN25 to DN600
  • 10 bar to 250 bar

IT Relief Valves

  • Spring loaded for surge relief pressures not exceeding 25 bar
  • Adjustable relief set-point
  • DN25 to DN600
  • 10 bar to 250 bar
  • Nitrogen charged for surge relief pressures exceeding 25 bar
  • Compatible with Isolation valve

The Hydromine Projects range of control valves includes the latest in valve technology ensuring reliable and high quality performance.

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