High precision non-contact sensors for displacement, position and thickness measurement

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Bestech Australia offers a wide range of non-contact
displacement sensors with cutting-edge measurement technology. It has been
widely used in the rail, R&D, construction, mining, defence, military and
manufacturing industry. Selecting the suitable sensor technology highly depends
on the required accuracy, resolution, measurement ranges and environmental

Laser sensor

Laser sensor offers an outstanding price-performance
ratio for almost all displacement measurement applications in the industry,
particularly any applications requiring on-line measurement in production line or
process automation integration. It has a very compact design and integrated
with the real-time-surface-compensation (RTSC) feature to offset the effect of reflection
on measurement. Blue laser technology is also available for better measurement of
red-hot glowing objects and organic materials.

  • Measurement Range: 2mm 3km
  • Resolution: max. 30nm

Eddy current sensor

Inductive eddy-current sensor offers stability
and robustness for measurement of metallic and ferromagnetic objects in harsh
and dirty environment, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures
up to 4000 bar.

  • Measurement Range: 0.5mm 500mm
  • Resolution: max. 2nm

Confocal sensor

Using polychromatic white light as a light source,
confocal sensor is capable of measuring multi-layer thickness with nanometre
resolutions. It has a very small measuring spots and capable of measuring
thickness of transparent materials.

  • Measurement Range: 2mm 1000mm
  • Resolution: max. 10nm

Capacitive sensor

The capacitive sensor is the recommended choice
for measurement of electrically conductive target and offer high precision measurement
with sub-nanometer resolution. It fits the requirement for measurement in
vacuum and clean-room applications, but not in a harsh and dirty environment.

  • Measurement Range: 0.04mm 10mm
  • Resolution: max. 40pm

Magneto-inductive sensor

Integrating magnetically sensitive element to
the eddy-current sensor, the MainSensor is capable of measuring through
non-ferromagnetic materials dynamically. Measurement is not affected by the environmental
condition and ranges can be easily adjusted by exchanging the magnet.

  • Measurement Range: 14mm 55mm
  • Resolution: max.19mm


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