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MeasureX supplies a wide range of miniature-sized load cells for
measurement of force in area where space is limited. Our load cells are best
suited for tension and compression force measurement. Our miniature load cells
come with variety of types, such as column-type, S-type, multi-axis, button,
single point, center thread and center hole load cells to suit many different testing

MLC66 Column type miniature load cells 

Constructed with rigid steel alloy material, MLC66 is suitable for
measuring compression force in restricted area. MLC66 is available in standard
measurement range of 10kN to 150kN with 1% precision. It is suitable for long
term weighing applications in civil, construction and robotics

MLD66 Compact 3 axis load cells 

MLD66 measures force in 3 mutually perpendicular axis and provides
an output of 1mV/V from each axis without requiring mathematical manipulation. This
high performing sensor is available with standard measurement range from 50N- 500N.

MLS66 Miniature S-type load cells 

Miniature S-type from MeasureX offer the highest precision force
measurement of 50N to 1kN with 0.05% accuracy.

MLW64 Miniature compression load cell 

MLW64 is a miniature compression load cell for weighing applications
in industrial robotics automation and precision machine. It is available with
standard range of 50N to 20kN with 0.5% standard measurement accuracy.

MLA66 Miniature single point load cell 

MLA66 is designed for low range tension-compression force
measurement; 1N-2N. It has superior accuracy of 0.015% and highly competitive
in pricing. This makes it ideal as weighing solution in large volume OEM

MLT66 Miniature center thread load cell 

MLT66 center thread load cell can accommodate various adapters
to be screwed into the threaded hole. The sensor is fully welded making it
possible for measurement in harsh environment. Standard measurement range is
available from 2kN-5kN with 1% accuracy

MLR62 Miniature center hole load cell

MLR62 is a low-profile miniature load cell with
center hole design for compression load measurement in civil structures and
industrial machines. It is highly durable with available measurement range from
5kN-50kN. MLR62 offer superior measurement reliability with 0.1% reading accuracy. 

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