High Precision Faulhaber Miniature Motor Drives from ERNTEC

ERNTEC offer a range of Faulhaber miniature motor drives which are compact and highly efficient, making them ideal for challenging functions that require accuracy

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Faulhaber products are designed to meet demanding requirements in all fields of high precision motion and control applications. In particular for those applications that demand precision, long life and maximum power in a small package you should choose Faulhaber.

Low starting voltage even after long stationary periods

  • Ironless rotor with self supporting skew winding
  • Low inertia very rapid starting
  • High efficiency
  • High power to volume ratio

Designed for applications where precision and reliability go hand in hand
Due to its small, lightweight design, Faulhaber Miniature Drive Systems are recommended for practical applications where difficult operations and extended lifetime are the primary importance.

  • Factory Automation and Robotics
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Precision Instrumentation
  • Precise Movement for Optics, Video and Audio Devices
  • Office, Security and Communication
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation
  • Medical and Laboratory
  • Environmental and Safety

Motor Products

  • Micro Drives and DC Micro motors
  • Piezo Electric Drives
  • Linear Drives
  • Brushless DC Motors
  • Precision Gear heads
  • Encoders
  • DC Tacho Generators and DC Motor Tacho Combinations
  • Drive Electronics

Miniature Stepper Motors

  • Single Phase and Two Phase Stepper Motors
  • Precision Gear heads
  • Encoders

With small diameters from 1.9mm up to 44mm, nominal voltage up to 56 V and output power up to 200 W, The Faulhaber offers a wide range of DC Micro motors and accessories for the most demanding and precise applications.

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