High Performance Pressure Sensors from Bestech Australia

Pressure sensors, transmitters and transducers are high quality, economical and provide high accurate measurements

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Bestech Australia provide a comprehensive range of high quality pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters from European, Japanese and American manufacturers including KELLER, TML, MEGGITT, AST, FibreSensing (optical fiber Bragg grating) and Fujifilm (pressure distribution film).

Highly accurate pressure measurements

  • Low cost sensors with high performance-to-cost ratio
  • Prevent build-up of material on the diaphragm and facilitate easy cleaning with flush diaphragm sensors and transducers
  • Measure high temperatures up to 350 C
  • Use miniature and ultraminiature pressure sensors for specialised applications
  • Durable pressure sensors are suitable for use in harsh and hazardous environments
  • Featured LCD displays and peak recording on the digital pressure gauges and manometers

Choose from a broad range of sensors for different media, gases and liquids
Most cranes, earthmovers and similar equipment are operated using hydraulic systems that require pressure transducers or transmitters to control the movement, holding, gripping or applied force.

  • Gauge soil pressure and bore water and other civil engineering field tasks
  • Soil pressure gauge during installation and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and other general structures
  • Level measurement in tanks, ground water and dams
  • Filtration, hydraulic systems, gas compressors, water management
  • Measurement of pressure decay
  • Accurate barometer reading
  • Food grade sensing equipment for food industries

Contact Bestech Australia to find the most appropriate pressure sensor, transmitter or transducer for your projects and applications.

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