High Performance MRI and RF Shielding Products from Faraday

Faraday Pty Ltd provides specialist electromagnetic shielding products for MRI, hospitals, defence, commercial and industrial EMI requirements including shielding rooms, enclosures, MRI and RF shielding products.


As a specialist in electromagnetic shielding products, Faraday Pty Ltd provides design and management of shielding for MRI, hospitals, defence, commercial and industrial EMI requirements.

High performance Shielding Rooms and Enclosures
  • RF shielded rooms are designed, manufactured, installed and completely quality tested
  • Can be made to any size and performance level
  • Shielded enclosures are fitted with RF filters for power or data, fibre optic waveguides, general purpose penetrations, waveguides for air conditioning and clear RF shielded windows
Reliable MRI Shielding Products
  • RF Windows
  • RFI / EMI / EMC RF Filters
  • RF Waveguide Vents
  • LED Light System – Low Intensity
  • LED Light System – High Intensity
  • Graphic Panels
  • WiFi Filters
  • MRDS Door
  • Auto Seal II Door
  • Copper Tape
  • Copper Shielding
Powerful RF Shielding Products
  • RFI / EMI / EMC RF Filters
  • RF Waveguide Vents
  • Magstop 3000 – EMF Shielding – DC Magnetic Fields
  • Magstop 5000 – EMF Shielding
  • ETS-Lindgren Series 81 Shielded Enclosure
  • ETS-Lindgren Series 71 Shielded Enclosure

Faraday’s reliable shielding products can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

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