High Performance Heating for Industrial Containers

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High Performance Heating Applications
LMK Thermosafe heating jackets and induction heaters sold in 40 countries are new to Australia and represent probably the most efficient and effective way to carry out the heating task.

  • Designed to focus heating in a most effective and non-aggressive fashion.
  • Use only single phase relatively low wattage power to achieve industry leading heat rise and heat maintenance.
  • The construction ensures that the outer surface does not heat up to anywhere near the heat of the interior surface, so providing invaluable OH&S advantages. Safe to use with plastics.
  • Negligible maintenance thanks to a capillary thermostat; there are no electronics to go wrong.
  • Easy to place on the drum or container and easy to store when not in use.

Differentiating Features of LMK Thermosafe Heaters
Heating for Drums
A variety of options are available dependent upon the speed of heating required.

  • Standard 25 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre and 205 litre drum heaters all have 0 – 90ºC thermostat made from washable coated nylon and needled polyester. The standard 205 litre version will achieve around 2ºC per hour heat rise.
  • Hi-speed 205 litre drum heaters come with 0 – 90ºC thermostat and either coated nylon or silicon rubber outer, and custom glass cloth / stitched fibreglass inner. These can achieve up to 8ºC per hour heat rise.
  • Induction heating for 205 litre drums. These unique magnetic induction units are made from custom fibreglass and are approved for use in hazardous areas. They can achieve up to 15ºC heat rise per hour.

Heating for IBC
The IBC heater jackets are available for use with a variety of IBC. All are made from washable coated nylon outer and custom glass cloth / stitched fibreglass inner and achieve 1 – 3ºC heat rises per hour.

  • For composite bottle-in-cage IBC these can be purchased with either a -5ºC to 40ºC thermostat, or with two 0 90ºC thermostats.
  • For bag-in-box IBC these can be purchased with the same versions and in addition a hi-heat version of the single thermostat model.
  • For added effectiveness, insulated lids are also available for all options.

* Temperature rises shown are typical for organic fluids and depend on ambient temperature, air flow in vicinity, and heat capacity of the liquid. No warranty on temperature rise is given.

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