High Efficiency Motors from NORD Drivesystems

Energy efficient motors for commercial and industrial applications


Motors from NORD drivesystems
NORD Drivesystems has implemented a 3 point concept for its new energy-saving motors which fulfill the globally applicable requirements of the new IEC standard 60034-30. 
Compliance with the IE2 efficiency class is achieved firstly by the use of more active material, secondly by choosing higher quality sheet metal with less losses, and thirdly with increased copper filling factors in combination with a simultaneous reduction in the size of the winding heads through an optimized production process. 
Features and Benefits of Motors from NORD Systems
NORD IE2 energy efficient motors offer various advantages including:
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher start-up and breakdown torques
  • Decreased slip
  • Better thermal performance
Compared to their direct predecessor models, IE2 type motors offer an increased service life and help save operating costs. If required, the operating range, which has been shifted upwards towards a better efficiency, can be used to continuously operate the new motors at a 150% performance factor. Alternatively, users can utilize a smaller motor type for many applications. 
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