Helical Gearboxes

In this product range the demand for a gear program rich in variants but with a minimum number of parts have been fulfilled.

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Helical gearboxes

POSIRED 2 Parallel Shaft and Right Angle Gearboxes

In this product range the demand for a gear program rich in variants but with a minimum number of parts have been fulfilled.

A high degree of standardisation and consistent modularity ensures availability with short delivery time. A large number of standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost all areas of mechanical and system construction.

An extensive range of accessories increases the adaptation capacity of this gear to various requirements. As a standard, fans, cooling coil, external oil cooler, heating rods, torque supports, engine consoles, sub-constructions and operation monitoring systems are available.

Technical Data:

. Torque (T2max): up to 800.000 Nm

. Transmission Ratio: up to 710 iN

. Power Rating: up to 4.400 kW

POSIRED N Parallel axis Lifting gear with large axle bases

Lifting gear with large axle bases Lifting gears in which the cable drum and driving motor are arranged in parallel require a step-down gear with a correspondingly large axle base. The lifting gear gears in the POSIRED N series are designed for this application and ideally bridge the given distance between the motor and cable drum.

The development of this series was based on widespread experience in crane engineering. The demands of this branch were largely taken into account in this gear concept.

The accessories needed for this application such as elastic clutches, barrel clutches, brakes, substructures, etc. are available and can be supplied with the gear.

Technical Data:

Torque (T2max): up to 500.000 Nm

Transmission Ratio: up to 500 iN

POSIRED D Right Angle Gearboxes

This universal and compact gear motor is based on a modular system with high output torque with a monobloc housing integrating a motor bell housing. A large number of variants are available for each size. The opportunity to mount brake motor makes this gear motor most suited for traverse movements in cranes or other large mobile applications.

Features Include:

Horizontal or upright fitting position

Torque reaction arm integrated in the casing

6 frame sizes rated according to a modular system

Use of standard components from the Posired 2 program

Advantageous prices due to a low manufacturing proportion

Technical Data:

Torque (T2max): up to 25.000 Nm

Transmission Ratio: up to 112 iN

Power Rating: up to 173 kW

Posired Advanced high thermal capacity gearboxes

Ideal for the extreme requirements in the bulk material handling and the mining industries. The series exhibits outstanding mechanical performance and increased thermal capacity, allowing users the capability of opting for smaller-sized gearboxes than normally required.

What sets the range apart is the modular thermal system, which helps the gearboxes provide increased thermal performance and higher mechanical efficiency. Features include an axial cooling fan, with higher flow rate for better cooling of the gearbox and an advanced lubrication system. The integrated mechanical oil pump improves bearing life and increase thermal capacity.

Oil change periods have been increased up to 7,500 hours, with up to 15,000 hours for synthetic oils. The seals are contactless in both input and output for greater efficiencies and improved heat capacity. The cover plates have active cooling fins on both sides and the top of the housing for better air-cooling. The finned covers provide an expanded surface area and include integrated oil pipes for bearing lubrication.

Gear teeth have been optimised to provide higher torques, with less power dissipation, to improve thermal capacity.

Technical Data:

Sizes 31 to 85, ratios 18 to 112 (lower ratios on request)

Output torques up to 940,000 Nm

Conveyor tuning kits and the modular thermal system available (as retrofit to existing Brevini PIV units)

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