Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers in Various Pipe Diameters and Load Capacities from Richmond Wheels and Castors

Richmond Pipe Rollers are available in various designs to handle different pipe diameters and load capacities


Richmond Wheels and Castors wide range of pipe rollers are manufactured to suit various pipe diameters and load capacities in industrial conditions.

Heavy duty pipe rollers are manufactured from hardened Polyurethane to perform in harsh environments 

  • Self-Tracking Polyurethane Rollers: 95A, 550mm diameter with a crowned rim
  • Lightweight Horizontal Pipe Rollers: Easy to install and transport due to it portable and low profile
  • Bogey Transition System Polyurethane Rollers: Bogey design carriage
  • Stackable Rollers: Easy to store and transport and designed for multi-use applications
  • Bevelled Polyurethane Rollers: Its simple and versatile design makes it suitable for various pipe diameters and capacities
  • Pipe Loading Rollers: Use on any pipe radius due to its curved design

Additional pipe rolling services from Richmond Wheels and Castors include custom design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. The Polyurethane hardness of these pipe rollers range from 50A to 75D and pipe supports and cradles come in stackable, tunnelling and V-roller designs.

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