Handheld Pipe Grinder, Sander & Polisher PIPE MAX 802 HT


The newly developed planetary gearbox found in the Pipe Max 802 HT provides the user with an extremely powerful and durable machine with unmatched versatility. The user can not only grind pipework but also flat sections and welds by using the contact wheel at the front of the machine. This saves time and allows for a perfect uniform finish.

Pipe MAX 802 HT Features:

  • Extremely powerful and durable 1750W motor, made entirely in Germany.
  • Planetary gearbox provides huge torque throughout the speed range (820 to 3,000 rpm) with tach generator for constant speed, even under load.
  • Homogeneous, uniform grinding and polishing results on all pipe diameters, regardless of whether they are small or large.
  • New damping concept with gas pressure dampers allows the grinding and polishing belts to be “wrapped” around the pipes perfectly.
  • New drive roller with replaceable rubber O rings guarantees the belts will not slip.
  • Contact roller made of soft PUR material. This ensures particularly soft contact and permanent elasticity.
  • The soft contact roller also allows flat surfaces to be ground longitudinally, for example to remove spot welds and eliminate deep scratches, etc.
  • Quick, simple belt changing.
  • Ideal belt guide using side inox fittings. No more adjustments required.
  • Balanced and adjustable handles mean that they can be set to suit the job in hand.
  • Can be set up for right-handed and left-handed use or for side and overhead working.
  • The belt unit is made of aluminium permanent casting alloy and is particularly strong and resistant.

The Pipe Max 802 HT which its revised High Torque gearbox is a real work horse. Being made in Germany you can trust the quality and durability of the class-leading 1750W motor. The machine is extremely versatile by allowing finishing of both open and closed pipe constructions and flat surfaces by using the contact wheel at the front of the machine.

This product is ideal for the following industries:

  • Exhaust fabrication
  • Balustrading
  • Hand rails
  • 4wd Fabrication
  • General fabrication where uniform finishing is required on pipe constructions
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