GSM Motion Detection Surveillance Camera by Hidden Camera Surveillance

The GSM Motion Detection Camera is a solar or battery powered camera that is activated by movement. It can be used either during the day or at night and can be used for various different surveillance requirements.

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The GSM Motion Detection Camera (Global System for Mobile Communications) is available in solar or battery power.

The camera is designed to be used indoors or outdoors with it’s camouflage 2.5″ colour LCD monitor, GSM function, 12 megapixels and motion activated recording of up to 20 metres.

Why is this solar powered GSM camera so unique?

When motion has been detected on the camera, users are able to supply their own PRE-PAID SIM to record and send the pictures straight to their phone, PC and email address.

The camera is 100% portable and is capable of produce a high quality resolution picture during the day or at night. The motion detection camera is designed with a camouflage army like casing with wide angle motion sensors.

How does it work?
GSM Camera can be set to take a series of pictures whenever motion is detected and saves those images to the internal and removable SD memory card (2-16GB), which is supplied with the camera. 

The camera is also weatherproof to protect against the elements and contains built in IR (infra red) for night vision recording. 

  • Motion detection or Time Lapse Recording
  • Time & date Stamp
  • Selectable recording speed
  • Automatically send text alert when battery power level goes low
  • Internal antenna & powerful reception
  • Operates globally via GSM/GPRS network. Supports four bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • No monitoring fees
  • Can be programmed to also take videos
  • Optional steel lockable vandal proof housing

The motion detection camera is ideally suited for monitoring construction companies, Councils, Bush dumping monitoring, anti-graffiti, Police, builders, Gate monitoring and trespassing.

The wireless camera is built to last, functioning for up to 12 months on standard alkaline batteries. 

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