GPS Tracking Devices from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

GPS Tracking Devices are suitable for Government Agencies, Law Enforcements and those who need to keep detailed record of a vehicle travels


GPS Tracking Systems For All Applications
Hidden Camera Surveillance Services offers a range of GPS Tracking Devices suitable for:

  • Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcements
  • Other applications requiring detailed record of a vehicle travels

Features of the GPS Tracking Devices
Some of the unique features and benefits are outlined below. For detailed specifications, please click on the link below.

Super Trackstick GPS

  • Small device
  • Continuous recording of its position
  • Documents various data such as:
    • Date and time
    • Location
    • Speed
    • Heading
    • Altitude
    • Exact route taken
    • Time and location of stops
  • Comes with rubberised case and magnetic mount
  • Built in vibration detector

Trackstick Pro GPS

  • Location based data logger
  • Records entire route history of anything that moves
  • Suitable tracking device for managing everyday commercial, fleet, or local and federal assets including:
    • Police
    • Parking enforcement
    • Public transportation
    • Street cleaning
    • Utility
    • Other vehicles

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