Give Any Project a Reliable and Professional Finish with Mentor Optical Electronic Solutions from ERNTEC

ERNTEC provide a range of Mentor opto electronics in a variety of choices, offering all projects a specialised and consistent outcome

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ERNTEC can offer a wide range of options to give any project a reliable and professional appearance. ERNTEC has access to high quality optoelectronic solutions from Mentor GmbH, from standard LED to custom light guide systems. 

Opto Electronic Components

  • LED Displays for front panels
  • LED Elements lying
  • LED Elements upright
  • Surface Symbol Illumination System
  • Bar graph Displays
  • LED Arrays
  • LEDs in Chrome Mounts
  • Plastic Mounts for LEDs and Lamp Sockets
  • Light barriers
  • LED Tester

Light Guide Systems

  • Light guides for Front panels
  • Light guide Displays, Lying and Upright
  • Multiple Displays
  • Flex Systems
  • M-PIPE (LED Light Guide Components)
  • Custom Options
  • M-TUBE (LED light guide system that disipitates light perfectly homogeneous to the environment)
  • Accessories

Mentor’s wide range of LED and light guide options coupled with their mechanical experience allows ERNTEC to offer customers a complete solution. 

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