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As global experts in compressed air technologies, we know that whilst compressed air is critical to your business- you do not want to think about it

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Compressor Services

Sullair offers various support services based on your requirements:

  • Installation and commissioning service
  • Breakdown and service
  • Preventative service
  • Air-end exchange service
  • Partner care maintenance service
  • Customised maintenance service


As global experts in compressed air technologies, we know that whilst compressed air is critical to your business – you do not want to think about it. Therefore, Sullair offers a choice of cover to ensure your air is always there.

Platinum Cover

Provides the benefit of a five year extended warranty on all major compressor components with a simple one time fee. Platinum Cover is ideal for busy facilities where compressed air is an important part of your company’s processes.

Titanium Cover

Provides the benefits of a ten year warranty on all major components (except VSD inverter – 5 years cover). Titanium Cover is ideal for facilities where compressed air is critical to your operations and the security of longer term protection is required.

Genuine Parts

At Sullair, our design and engineering teams ensure that the parts used in our compressors are of the highest quality, providing years of trouble-free performance.

That is why when it comes to replacement parts, it is essential to only use Genuine Sullair replacement parts.

Protecting your investment 

Rotary screw compressors are a long-term investment and often critical to a company day to day business. Only
genuine spare parts can ensure that your original purchase continues to deliver the best results for your business.


As the original equipment manufacturer, Sullair Australia is the only company who knows how to manufacture
spare parts to the highest quality standards so that they deliver the best overall lifetime performance.


We hold data on every compressor we make you might not be able to identify what part it is that you need
but we guarantee that we will be able to. We can also advise when a part has been upgraded to improve its
performance and help you to understand the benefits to your compressor.

Quality Standards 

All our spare parts are fit for purpose and are manufactured to original specifications. Each component is quality
assured to ISO9001 standards and comes with a product warranty – a warranty that we stand by and one which
our customers can trust us to fulfill, should the situation arise.


Our national-wide branch network ensures that we have the availability of spare parts to promptly response your
immediate needs.

Risk of non-genuine parts 

It is well documented that non genuine spare parts can be a cause of major component failure, the financial and
operational impact of which can cost a business heavily. Choosing genuine OEM spare parts avoids this risk and
gives long-lasting peace of mind from a supplier that you can trust. All Sullair Australia parts are guaranteed to
meet the latest design specification and undergo rigorous inspection and quality control. Genuine spare parts
represent the safest and most financially effective long term solution, helping to maintain your operations and
protecting your investment

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