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CAPS provide a wide range of power and energy solutions (equipment and turnkey projects) for standby, prime power, cogeneration and compound cycle power plant in various configurations, to meet individual energy and power needs. Diesel generator sets from 5.5KVA to 3300KVA, gas engine generator sets from 30 to 800KVA and gas turbine generator sets from 200KW to 18MW, are just some examples of CAPS capabilities.

Diesel Generator Sets

Kohler and SDMO range of diesel generator sets with compression ignition reciprocating engine from 5.5KVA to 3300KVA are suitable for standby power to back up office, hospital, data/computer centre, critical production process.

Gas Engine Generator Sets
Kohler gas engine generator sets with water cooled spark ignition reciprocating engines are suitable for prime power generation and cogeneration system.   

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Generator Sets
Kawasaki gas turbine generator sets with gas turbine engine deliver the highest quality of electricity and heat recovery energy in form of steam and hot water. Most of the models are dual fuel, liquid or gas.

Choosing a Generator from CAPS Australia
Kohler Diesel Range

  • Mitsubishi, John Deere and Volvo engines
  • Powder coated acoustic canopy to 700KVA
  • Emission compliance and high fuel efficiency

SDMO/Kohler Diesel Range

  • MTU and Mitsubishi engines to 3300KVA
  • Emission optimized or fuel efficient optimised
  • Standard and special enclosures
  • High voltage option to 11KV

Kohler Gas engine Generators

  • Standard enclosure and dual fuel, natural gas and LPG, up to 125KVA 
  • Heat recovery option for all models
  • Lean burn technology for high power range with Waukesha engines to 800KVA

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Generator

  • Standard package with enclosure
  • Dual liquid and gas fuel
  • Quick start up within 40 seconds
  • 100% step load with <6% speed change to 6000KVA
  • Seamless and fast fuel change between gas and liquid during operation

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