Gas Sensors from John Morris Scientific

Gas sensors which feature advanced technology to monitor high pressure levels in many applications

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InDuct FTIR gas sensors from John Morris Scientific have the flexibility to work with many processes, identifying and monitoring gas levels or leaks.

These gas detectors provide real time and accurate data of gas pressure and can be fitted with additional tools such as custom flanges, valves and vacuum components for OEM and end user operations.

InDuct FTIR gas analysers can measure extreme gas pressure levels without being modified.

Benefits of Gas Sensors from John Morris Scientific

  • Torr to mTorr sensitivity for several gas types such as VOCs, PFCs, acids, bases and hydrides
  • The gas sensor technology can analyse over thirty gases
  • Permanent calibration spectra minimise the need for expensive gas cylinders
  • Simple to install with additional parts

These sensor devices are ideal for chamber matching and process applications.

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