Gas Flow Measurement Solutions with SICK Ultrasonic Intelligence

An intelligent series of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measuring Solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Comprehensive technologies for accurate measurement, SICK diverse Gas Flow Measuring Devices provide delivers precision for a variety of measuring tasks.

Whether calculating volume flows in processes, custody transfer applications in natural gas industry, environmental monitoring of plants, or on test stands in automotive industry SICK innovations support automation of your operations.

Accurate and durable Gas Flow Measuring Sensors for industrial applications

  • FLOWSIC100 CEMS: Hardwearing titanium transducers with corrosion resistant construction to reliable measure small or very large diameter ducts
  • FLOWSIC100 Process: Effective detection of low gas velocities with durable stainless steel or titanium hermetically sealed ultrasonic transducers
  • FLOWSIC100 Flare: Industry leading high gas velocity measurement with no signal disturbance and moving parts for an accurate and easy to maintain solution
  • FLOWSIC150 Carflow: Compact and mobile ultrasonic measurement system using single or multi-path measurement with easy integration
  • FLOWSIC200: Long distance compatible flow speed measuring solution with heavy duty construction from titanium, stainless steel or die cast for application in corrosive environments
  • FLOWSIC500: Integrated with the latest ultrasonic technology for metering of natural gas
  • FLOWSIC600: Bi-directional measurement with intelligent self-diagnosis with no pressure loss and minimal risk of hardware overload damage

Developed with exclusive SICK ultrasonic technology, the Gas Flow Measurement devices offer unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and versatility for difficult or demanding industrial conditions.

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