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Are you having issues with your industrial gas burners? Would like to know how much energy and cost you are losing every day using an inefficient burner system?

We can help you with our expertise and knowledge on industrial and commercial combustion and burner systems.

HNW is a leading supplier of packaged gas burners for many years. We offer the Nu-Way brand in sizes from 400 kW to 20 mW. The Bentone range of Sweden from small domestic sizes of 20 kW to industrial burners of 2500 kW. Featuring components from well-known and trusted suppliers, the burners range from standard units to fully customised for specific requests. Specifications available for natural gas, LPG, towns gas, and biogas.

Features and Benefits of Nu-Way and Bentone Gas Burners:

  • Nu-Way and Bentone Gas Burners are energy saving and compatible with European environmental requirements and AGA approved.
  • Quiet in operation and easy to maintain.
  • Designed for two-stage operation and are available for natural gas, LPG, and biogas. Modulating control as a standard.
  • Gas burners are suited for commercial hot water boiler systems, steam boiler systems, bakery ovens and a variety of dryers and furnaces.

Call us today if you don’t want an inefficient burner!

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