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SICK offers a broad range of
gas analyzers based on a variety of powerful measurement principles. With its
in-situ and extractive measurement technology for equipping complete
facilities, SICK can also provide solutions for a variety of systems and
complex measurement tasks.

Gas transmitters

Simple, fast, and low

When it comes to creating gas
analyzers that can serve as field instruments, gas transmitters are the logical
next step. However, compared to the former, a gas transmitter requires barely
any additional technical aids to perform the measurement task. In many cases,
there is no need for costly sampling and gas conditioning either.

In-situ gas analyzers

Real-time gas analysis
directly within the process

Innovative measurement
technology that allows the devices to be mounted directly at the measurement
site: In-situ gas analyzers take measurements directly within the process under
system conditions. These analyzers are primarily characterized by their minimal
maintenance requirements and extremely short response times. SICK’s in-situ gas
analyzers are available in two different versions:

The cross-duct version for representative measurement results across the
entire duct diameter

The measuring probe version, optimized for single-sided gas duct

Extractive gas analyzers

Reliable gas analysis
even under harsh process conditions

SICK’s extractive gas
analyzers can be used in a large number of applications. The extractive
measurement technology extracts a partial gas flow from the gas duct,
conditions the extracted gas and feeds it to an analyzer module under constant
conditions. All the measurement technology that SICK offers from gas sampling
and conditioning right through to the numerous analyzer modules is perfectly
tailored to the measurement task concerned.

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