Force Transducers and Load Cells in a Variety of Capacities from Bestech Australia

Force transducers and load cells come in range of capacities to suit any application


Bestech Australia offers a wide range of products for the measurement of applied force and load. Force transducers and load cells are available in a variety of capacities and constructions for every application.

Highly accurate force and load measurement

  • Excellent consistency and durability, with materials such as stainless steel and nickel plating
  • High overload protection
  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent price to performance ratio

Extensive range of force transducers and load cells

  • Load cells for tension, compression or both
  • Double range load cells
  • 淪 Type universal load cells
  • Load pins and single point load cells 
  • Bending and shear beam load cells
  • Centre hole / through hole constructions
  • Multi axial force transducers for measurements in more than one axis
  • Miniature force sensors
  • Submersible load cells for such applications as the measurement of tension on submarine mooring lines.
  • Heavy duty load cells for use in various harsh environments
  • Hermetically sealed units
  • Pancake load cells with low profiles
  • Fatigue rated load cells
  • Proving ring testing
  • Press fit load cells

Simple and accurate weighing and force measurement

  • Bins, hopper scales and platform scales
  • Finding the centre of gravity of an object
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Tension in wires
  • Brake pedal force
  • Gear change force
  • Legs of silos and tanks for weight

Bestech Australia provides force transducers and load cells finding the best solutions for force, load measurements for specific individual requirements.

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