Fluid Sensors


Fluid sensors are used across a wide of industrial process applications to monitor and control simple to complex storage, batching and cooling applications and to monitor a wide variety of process conditions.

Pressure Sensors are one of the most common measurement devices used in industry. Turck’s extensive pressure sensor range offers multiple process connections, output signals and pressure ranges to ensure that the right sensor can be found for almost every application.

Temperature Sensors ensure reliable and reproducible measurement of process temperatures in industrial applications. Turck’s wide range of temperature sensors include contact or contactless models, devices with and without display and provides a wide range of temperature ranges and process fittings.

Flow Sensors detect critical deviations of the flow rate of liquid and gaseous media. Turck provides flow monitoring and flow rate measurement using calorimetric, magnetic-inductive and vortex measurement principles and immersion or in line principles.

Level Sensors can be used for continuous level measurement or point level detection of a vast range of liquid and solid materials. Turck can provide capacitive, guided microwave, magnetostrictive, optical, radar and ultrasonic principle level sensors to ensure most applications can be resolved reliably.

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PS+ flow sensors

FS+ flow sensors

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