Flue Gas Analysers with Large Colour Graphic Display from testo

World leaders in the manufacture of emissions analysers and air monitoring systems. Portable, adjustable and now much simpler to operate.

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The testo 350 portable flue gas analysers are ideal for professional flue gas analysis. Helpful instrument settings guide the user safely through typical measurement tasks such as:

  • Flue gas analysis in commisioning, setting, optimisation or operational measurements on industrial burners, stationary industrial engines, gas turbines and flue gas purification systems
  • Control and monitoring of officially prescribed emission limits in exhaust gas
  • Function testing of stationary emission measuring instruments
  • Control and monitoring of defined gas atmospheres in furnace rooms or kilns in different processes

Advantages of testo 350 Flue Gas Analysers

The testo 350 offers you advantages such as these:

  • Highly accurate NOx measurement
  • Automatic measurement range extension at unexpectedly high gas concentrations
  • Special instrument menu for testing exhaust gas treatment systems
  • Testo 350 bridges spatial distance
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