Flow Control Meters and Batching Systems from Burkert

Burkert flow meters ideal for accurately measuring liquids and gases in all industry applications

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Bürkert’s flow meters and batching systems are of four function types: 

  • Paddle wheel – for general purpose
  • Oval gear – for high viscosity liquids
  • Ultrasonic – for high accuracy, non-contact and OEM manufacture
  • Magnetic inductive (mag flow meter) – for contaminated, aggressive, high purity liquids 
  • Mass flow control – for gas metering and control 

The different function types link to standard electronics, so even with different features or functionality, all products have the same look and operation style.  Therefore all Bürkert flow meters can be configured as batching systems.  

This straight-forward solution ensures Bürkert can offer good deliveries on standard flow meter types.  

All Bürkert fluid control technologies are designed to work together, quickly form simple control loops, and easily integrate into complete process control systems.

Bürkert Universal Flow Measurement Devices and Batching Systems

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Hygienic processes – dairy, pharma/biotech
  • Water and waste treatment – civil, industrial
  • Chemical manufacture & dosing
  • Mineral processing 
  • General manufacturing 

Flow meters with micro flow to 50,000 litres per minute

  • Flow meter and batching systems for general purpose to sanitary or aggressive/waste systems
  • Core range from micro flow to 50,000 litres per minute
  • Range of body and internal materials for flow meters
  • Options for different flow meter or flow control functions for liquids, gases

Engineering support is available to specify the best flow meter for your system, or configure a batching system.  

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