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A better technical way to conventional laboratory is Flow Chemistry Equipment with much safer and improved control of reaction conditions.


Flow Chemistry Process
The technique of performing chemical reactions in continuously flowing streams rather than in round bottom flasks (i.e., batch production). 

The process is simple: pumps push reagent streams through tubes or channels, and at points where reagent streams converge, the fluids make contact leading to reaction.  

Flow chemistry is a well-established technique for large scale manufacturing efforts. 

However, its application in the laboratory environment is relatively new, where it frequently represents a complementary technique that chemists can use to rapidly optimise syntheses or attack recalcitrant reaction steps.    

Advantages of Flow Chemistry Techniques
There are a number of benefits of using this process over conventional laboratory batch techniques:

  • A much safer OH&S profile
  • Vastly improved control of reaction conditions
  • Excellent yields
  • Superb selectivity

Flow Chemistry Laboratory Instruments 

ThalesNano H-Cube:

The H-Cube is the fastest selling and most popular flow chemistry instrument in the world. These continuous flow hydrogenation reactors from ThalesNano, serve as compact, portable and above all safe solution to your laboratory scale hydrogenation needs (milligram to multi-gram scales).  

ThalesNano X-Cube:
The X-Cube is a flow chemistry instrument for performing organic reactions at temperatures and pressures of up to 200 degrees celsius and 150 bar (2175 psi). The touch screen driven X-Cube enables even the novice to run complex reactions. Trivially react multiple reagent streams, incorporate heterogeneous catalysts, and feed in gas phase reagents.  

ThalesNano X-Cube Flash Flow Reactors:
Unlike the X-Cube, the Flash does not support heterogeneous catalysis. That is, the Flash is purely a flow reactor, albeit one that can run at 350 degrees celsius, 200 bar (2900 psi) and a flow rate of 10 mL/min. Facile reactions run in seconds, reactions that take hours run in minutes. The Flash will run your reactions in a flash!  

Syrris AFRICA:
The AFRICA is a flexible, easy-to-use software driven system that combines automated sample loading, automated liquid-liquid extraction, automated HPLC reaction characterization, automated product collection. Chemists working in discovery and process development will find no better tool for accelerating compound preparation and reaction optimization.  

Syrris FRX:
The Syrris FRX is a flexible, modular flow chemistry solution that will enable you to create any number of highly customized system configurations to exactly meet your research needs. The FRX supports any number of column, coil and tube reactors for cascading multistep reaction sequences and scale-up.  

Milestone FlowSYNTH:
The FlowSYNTH is a continuous flow microwave reactor which allows chemists to scale up reactions from grams to kilogram quantities. These FlowSYNTH microwave reactors consist of microwave lab stations fitted with a vertical reactor. In-line sensors allow continuous monitoring of the reaction temperature.

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