Flexible Cables from Treotham

Flexible cables for use in energy chains and industrial applications with long lasting features

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Treotham supply the range of Chainflex High Flexible Cables and Helukabel Special Cables. These cables feature a robust design to cater for demanding applications.

Versatile cables for industrial applications
The Chainflex High Flexible Cables been developed for use in energy chains

  • Oil resistant design
  • Ability to work effectively in high and low temperatures 
  • Feature a small bending radii 
  • Specific bundle design of cores 
  • Outer jacket extruded over cores 
  • No cork screwing

Chainflex High Flexible Cables are also available preassembled with any connector.

Helukabel Specialist Cables
Treotham also supply the range of Helukabel Special Cables. Helukabel is a German company which design and manufacture a large variety of industrial cables including:

  • PVC Control Cables
  • Rubber Cables 
  • High Temperature Cables 
  • UL/CS Approved Cables 
  • PUR Oil Resistant Cables 
  • Screened EMC Cables 
  • Curly Cords 
  • Flexible Data

The range of Flexible Cables and Specialist Cables from Treotham provide the ideal solution to your industrial cable requirements.

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