FlexBloc Worm Gear Unit SI by NORD Drivesystems

Worm gear units for commercial and industrial requirements

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Worm Gear Units by NORD Drivesystems 
NORD Drivesystems offer a range of worm gear units designed for commercial and industrial requirements
Features and Benefits of Worm Gear Units
The FlexBloc Worm Gear Unit SI represents a homogeneous gear module. Other features and benefits include:
  • The single-piece aluminium die cast housing has no cover or sealing joints. 
  • The rigid housing block ensures the highest degree of operational safety even with the highest load capacity. 
  • This variable worm gear range features a modular design. The IEC/NEMA motor mountings in connection with the helical pre-stage form completely mounted gear modules that can be easily assembled. 
  • A variety of individual gear designs can be combined from few modules. 
  • The FlexBloc Worm Gear Unit SI features as standard foot mounting on three sides, B14 flanges on two sides and an output hollow shaft. 
Modules that enable various applications of the gear series are plug-in solid shafts, output-side bolt-on type flanges, torque arms or helical gear pre-stages.
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