FleetMEX maintenance software

The software is designed to provide assistance with managing the maintenance of farming and agriculture.

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Designed to provide assistance with managing the maintenance
of farming and agriculture, FleetMEX Maintenance Software is an innovative
software that can be accessed absolutely anywhere. Working orders can submitted
anywhere, and by anyone.In-depth records can be kept and tracked for all equipment
including:Access vehicle specific information including
registration, insurance, fuel type replacement, depreciationVehicle work orders, maintenance history and
service costsVehicle readings can be recorded to allow for
accurate usage analysisCapture job details and schedule repetitive and routine work
effectively Stress is removed from schedule maintenance with
the Preventive Maintenance function allowing routines for jobs to be set up and
scheduled accordingly FleetMEX work orders can capture work that needs
to be performed on your equipmentFleetMEX
Maintenance Software is designed to perform, and can be custom-tailored to suit
your unique operation. User-friendly
and intuitive; FleetMEX Maintenance Software allows for simple set-up of the
vehicle register to monitor and maintain your farm fleet to minimise breakdowns
and maximise profits.

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