Festo your partner for the food and packaging industry


Automation products for food and packaging
Festo supplies a complete range of automation products for food and splash zones from a single source, ranging from components to pneumatic systems. These special products meet the tough legal requirements in this industry concerning ease of cleaning, corrosion resistance and compressed air quality. Festo’s clean design and hygienic design components guarantee a high level of food safety.

Main focus
The main focus is on suitably combining the various components in the food, splash and non-food zones. Festo offers tailored product packages for all three areas, as well as for sub-areas such as cheese pressing, filling, sorting and special applications such as stretch blow moulding of PET containers.

What we also offer
Festo also offers the packaging industry products for rotating, swivelling, guiding and clamping. Suitable product ranges are available even for the smallest of installation spaces in the packaging industry. Intelligent solutions enable cycle times to be shortened and performance and flexibility to be increased.

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