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Facilities Management Software for residential, commercial and industrial facility management

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Techs4Biz distribute the Pervidi CAFM, a software for use in residential, commercial and industrial facilities management.

This facilities management software automates all inspection and work order activities in order to maintain effective facility management tasks.

Applications for Pervidi CAFM Facilities Management Software

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial office and buildings
  • Industrial sites and factories
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hotels

Features of the Pervidi CAFM Facilities Management Software
This software combines Assessment Management and Computerised Maintenance Management Software functionalities. Other features include:

  • Enables staff and management to focus on improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs
  • Helps reduce reliance on paper-based activities such as forms and data entry to better utilize resources and technical expertise
  • Improves productivity and reduces operational costs
  • Helps automate all aspects of maintenance, repair, field service and inspections
  • Automatic alerts, reminders, emails and triggers so users are reminded of facility requirements

Pervidi CAFM is fully scalable and be used by any organisation.

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