Fabric Spreading Tables from Pathfinder Australia

Steel modular tables for the smoothing out of fabric in manufacturing processes

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The Fabric Master semi-automatic fabric spreading machine from Pathfinder provides most of the features found in a fully automatic system at fraction of the price.

This Australian made machine is the market leading fabric spreading solution for cutting rooms with more than 2500 units in service throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Accurate and economical fabric spreading
The Fabric Master incorporates unique features not even found on fully automatic fabric spreaders, designed to provide accurate and economical fabric spreading for face up or face to face production.

  • Single Operator Ergonomics: single handle control incorporates thumb activated fabric clamp and cutter switch
  • Fabric Clamp: Holds material for transfer to fabric catcher and accurate cutting
  • Cutter Mechanism: ( no need for scissors and moving around the table)
  • Control Panel: Provides user with intuitive display for ply counting and operational diagnostics
  • Electronic Edge Control: Integrated sensor monitors the fabric selvage ensuring each layer is accurately positioned (manual override function also included)
  • Fabric Catchers: Fixed and moveable catchers enable face to face and face up spreading
  • Tension Control: Tension control feeder roller easily adjusted by operator for material type

The Fabric Master enables fast and economical single operator fabric spreading, the semi-automatic cloth spreader is designed to save time and labour making this fabric spreader a valuable production tool for any cutting room environment.

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