Fabric Cutting Machines from Pathfinder Australia

Pathfinder Cutting Technology, including the K-Series automatic knife cutting system, is effective and effecient.


Features of Pathfinder Cutting Technology
Pathfinder cutting technology includes the K-Series automatic knife cutting systems which have the following functions and features:

  • Windows Operating platform
  • Cutters have a quick draw automatic diamond sharpening system
  • This cutting machinery has vacuum Economizer Modes 
  • The cutting machines have a track ball icon driven operator control
  • Visual Marker display with scrolling facility while cutting
  • Automatic cutting window conveyor advance calculation 
  • Zoom functions
  • Full screen graphic display mode
  • Display selection of cut order or piece identification on screen
  • Operator programmable ‘end cut’ facility
  • Automatic cutting of small pieces first (user definable)
  • Automatic compensation for wear of cutting knife blades and diamond sharpening stone
  • Pre-set cutting parameters and cut work queuing while machine is cutting
  • MultiCut cutting function for queuing and repeat markers
  • QuickPath intelligence
  • Automatic lay width checking
  • Automatic selvage waste cut with programmable intervals
  • Comprehensive self diagnostic system
  • Self adjusting software parameters for optimum cut quality and speed
  • Complete marker manipulation features such as notch selection, marker rotation and drill omission
  • Pathfinder Proportional Reciprocation (PPR)
  • Variable knife speed control to reduce/eliminate fusing
  • Automatic system history file for machine cut verification
  • Power fail restart sequence automatically prompt operator to continue cutting after a power failure, even during a material advance
  • Maintenance manager integrated software. Automatic status reporting of machine maintenance requirements and schedule
  • Micro knife Control
  • Automatic user definable head parking
  • Advance pause, user definable
  • Units display in metric, imperial/yards and imperial/feet
  • Scaling of shapes in X or Y or both
  • Automatic proportional slow down of cutting within defined small pieces 
  • QuickPath – Automatic cutting order determined minimizing ‘dry haul’, maximising cutting throughout speeds

Typically, anything that can be cut with a knife using traditional cutting tools can be performed by Pathfinder cutting technology with increased speed, quality and material utilisation.

Pathfinder have cutting equipment to cover aircrafts, the automotive industry, composites, furniture, industrial products, apparel, fabrics, the marine industry and shade structures.

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