Eye muscle area scanning

Stockscan ultrasonic scanning technology is a livestock management software for the prime lamb industry.

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Livestock Management Software for Prime Lamb Industry
Australian Stockscan Services Pty Ltd is run by many dedicated sheep breeders who understand the Prime Lamb Industry. The company has developed equipment and software in conjunction with leading industry professionals that provide practical computerised information, with reports and solutions that enhance on farm livestock practices. Stockscan aim to provide breeders with measurements that are directly beneficial to the Prime Lamb Industry.Services include:

Stud Ram and Ewe eye muscle area scanning
Flock Ram EMA Scanning
Data Processing
Reporting Stockscan Ultrasonic Scanning Technology
Stockscan’s technology is able to assist farmers by accurately identifying flock performance animals in various ways. Identification through scanning on-farm for conformation of superior flock ewes and better performing flock rams, farmers will benefit from the following:

Increase returns on terminal lambs and replacement ewe’s lambs
Correctly identify replacement ewes based on known conformation data
Obtain economic gains through higher meat productivity per hectare of pasture
Selectively combine known productive traits of both ram and ewe, by measuring their progeny through scanning
Client feedback has indicated that Stockscan is user friendly, cost efficient and gives accurate informative results
The data obtained is being very well received by the end users of both Stud and Commercial Prime Lamb Producers of Australia Australian StockScan Services have a growing client base with breeders seeing the importance of measuring Eye Muscle:

Being able to give Total Eye Muscle Area Measurement General Information on Ultrasonic Scanning Measurements
Scanning Measurements is an ultrasonic rib muscle scanning in live sheep. Scanning for performance traits in animals has become a significant on-farm measuring tool for over 10 years within the stud industry. Scanners assess sheep at around 8 to 12 months of age for:

Eye Muscle Width (A)
Eye Muscle Depth (B)
Fat Measurement (C)This allows for calculation of the Eye Muscle Area (EMA).  Eye Muscle Area (EMA) to weight (LW) ratio is also calculated.For more information on this ultrasonic scanning technology, contact Australian Stockscan Services Pty Ltd. To view pricing and to book your next stockscan, please view the attached booking form.

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