EXAIR Vortex Tubes from Compressed Air Australia

EXAIR Vortex Tubes deliver -46 C cold air from an ordinary supply of compressed air for spot cooling applications.


Reliable, Hassle Free and Cost Effective
EXAIR Vortex Tubes offered exclusively through Compressed Air Australia provide a low cost, reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems.

Using an ordinary supply of compressed air as a power source, vortex tubes create two streams of air, one hot and one cold, with no moving parts. Vortex tubes can produce:

  • Temperatures from -46° to +127°C 
  • Flow rates from 1 to 150 SCFM (28 to 4248 SLPM) 
  • Refrigeration up to 10,200 Btu/hr. (2571 Kcal/hr.)

Vortex Tubes for Cooling Systems

  • Cooling electronic controls 
  • Cooling machining operations 
  • Cooling CCTV cameras 
  • Setting hot melts 
  • Cooling soldered parts 
  • Cooling gas samples 
  • Electronic component cooling 
  • Cooling heat seals 
  • Cooling environmental chambers

Over the years, the basic vortex tube has been used in virtually hundreds of industrial cooling applications. A few have become so popular as to warrant the development of an “applied product” designed to suit the specific application. These products include the Adjustable Spot Cooler, Mini Cooler, Cold Gun and Cabinet Cooler.

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