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ERNTEC provides tailored enclosure designs for a wide array of industries,including: Electrical, Telecommunications, Electronic, Data & Cabling, Defence, IT Computer and Scientific.

Large enclosures options:
– 19 / 21 / 23 standard cubicles
– ETSI cabinets
– IP 54
– Heavy Duty
– Electrical,
– 19 table top
– Welded cubicles

Choose a standard cubicle package, make modifications, or create a custom cubicle. Our complete range of accessory options for mounting Eurocard and other components enhances the unique cabinet system and offers you maximum flexibility.

Small enclosure options:
– DIN Rail Mount
– DiVar Housing
– wide range of small plastic and metal enclosures

For our customer convenience we offer ultra-high precision CNC machining. We can provide you with any size or shape cutout in any of our enclosures.

Differentiating Features
For our range of large enclosures we reconfigure to suit your budget.We provide customers with value by offering ultra precision routing for our small plastic/ metal enclosure ranges.

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