Enware’s Bulk Spill Prevention and Containment Equipment

Bulk containment solutions for securely holding and storing hazardous liquids on site

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Enware presents the world leader in spill prevention and containment solutions; Enpac has over two decades of experience in delivering smarter, stronger, safer, quality products you can depend on.

Workplaces have the increasing challenge and responsibility of providing a safer workplace for their employees, especially when they are handling, storing, and transporting hazardous materials that could be potentially dangerous to their health. Enpac’s comprehensive line of products provides high quality solutions that ensure worker safety and help to protect the environment.

Delivering safer conditions for the workplace and improving productivity

  • Effectively minimises dangerous exposure to hazardous materials and accidents
  • Lowers clean up and removal expenses
  • Effective reduction of component costs that can often be reclaimed
  • Optimising productivity with materials

Enpac’s range of containment solutions
The Double IBC Low-Top is ideal for low platform dispensing. It strong and durable 100% polyethylene containment unit that is more chemical resistant than other steel frame IBC units.

The Double IBC Low-Top also features:

  • 12- Heavy duty removable and stackable grates
  • 1,457 litre sump capacity
  • Wide platform shelf accepts two IBC units
  • Up to 4535kg handling capacity
  • Nestable for convenient storage
  • Link and lock grate design enhances stability
  • Weighs 199kg

The Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550 which keeps hazardous liquids stored safely above the ground with this versatile containment system that is ideal for Manufacturing plants, Mining, Chemical storage facilities.

The Poly Tank Containment Unit 550 also features:

  • Versatile containment systems for a variety of containers
  • Suitable for fuel storage tanks, 205 litre drums and IBC
  • Safely protects against hazardous liquid discharge into the ground
  • Roomy interior leaves space for hoses and related equipment

Feel confident when using Enpac’s innovative and award-winning products which have been designed and tested to perform in the most rigorous environments.

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