Enware Zeomed Biohazard and Body Fluid Spill Kits

媄eomed spill kits can be customised to meet your specific requirements and regulatory obligations to enable chemical and general spills to be

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ZeoMed provides
a range of dedicated solutions. Whether you are protecting employees or your
family, ZeoMed will have a kit for you.

Body fluid and
blood borne pathogens are a constant risk if not handled properly. A duty of
care involves having appropriate materials available to safely clean-up a body
fluid spill. To make it easy for you to protect yourself and your staff,
ZeoMed™ spill kits come complete with everything you need to have an effective
spill management system. ZeoMed™ spill kits have been designed to meet
infection control and Safe Work Australia guidelines.

Cytotoxic drugs
are commonly used in chemotherapy treatment of serious diseases and present
additional risks to healthcare workers and carers. Whether the chemicals
themselves or body fluid from patients, cytotoxic drugs can be extremely
harmful to your health.

Chemical and
multi-purpose kits are designed for locations with various risks of spills.
Ranging from biohazard and chemical to general slip and fall hazards, such as
cooking oils or detergents.

Check out some
of the range Enware has to offer:

Zeomed cytotoxic chemical spill kit

This kit can be
used for both chemical and body fluid clean-up. Packaged complete in a single
use box.

Zeomed cytotoxic body fluid spill kit bag

applications include hospital, medical and aged care facilities.

Zeomed multipurpose spill response kit

Ideal for
locations such as supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants.

Zeomed laboratory spill kit

The kit comes in
a 10 litre bucket, with a fitted lid that doubles up as a waste disposal

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