Enware Plumbed Eye Wash and Eye/Face Wash Solutions

Eye/Face Wash – Eye Wash

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When tragedy occurs,
you need to have total confidence in the safety system you rely on.

Enware has a
range of Enware Eye Wash and Eye/ Face Wash that will help save
the day when you need it most.

Enware unique
VERTECH™ Technology maximises flushing effectiveness
and comfort for the eyes and face, this technology has been designed to create
a Zero Velocity point. The reduced water velocity is gentle and effective,
allowing a greater amount of time in the flushing zone, which is important
especially when cleansing the sensitive eyeballs from hazardous materials.

Enware Eye
Wash and Eye/ Face Wash are available with various features such as, hand
operated, foot operated, wall mounted, floor mounted, with bowl or without.

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