Enware Emergency systems with VERTECH Technology

Emergency showers and eye washing equipment for personal safety when in contact with dangerous chemicals

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Enware designs and manufactures innovative, quality
emergency products through an ISO9001 backed system. These are then
independently tested to comply with Australian and International Standards.

Every second counts in the treatment of an injury and that
why Enware emergency systems are designed to deliver an effective response when
accidents happen. Deluging water flow, ease of use and proven technology
provides optimal functionality, making Enware emergency products essential
for minimising effects of injury.

These emergency systems use Enware unique VERTECH™
Technology to maximise flushing effectiveness and comfort for the eyes and
face. This technology has been designed to create a Zero Velocity point which
is gentle yet effective in that it allows a greater amount of time in the
flushing zone, which is especially important when cleansing the sensitive
eyeballs from hazardous contaminants.

Enware experience and flexible manufacturing process means
emergency systems can be customised to suit your specific user, hazard or site
requirements. Whether it a self contained gravity fed shower or additional
accessories such as audio visual alarms, Enware experienced professional team
can offer advice on the appropriate solution for any situation.

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