Enware Emergency Shower

Enware Emergency Shower

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In an emergency
situation, every second counts and this thought became the inspiration for the
design thinking approach behind the Award winning ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower.

Without complex
technology, Enware ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower will operate simply and
reliably in some of the harshest work place environments in the world. The
ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower has been designed and built for the mining
industry where Safety of the workforce is paramount.


  • Compact to minimise storage space pallet sized
  • Support frame and all terrain base stored and
    shipped within tank
  • Designed to be relocatable using a standard
    utility vehicle – ideal solution for exploratory projects, shut down work,
    fracking sites and remote locations to ensure immediate mobilisation of
    your workforce
  • Designed to be a strong representation of
    safety with high intensity reflective emergency band marking, signage and
    lighting (options)
  • Single piece frame (option) designed for
    Category D cyclones
  • Support frame is constructed from 316
    Stainless steel with powder coating option ideal for high corrosion
  • Designed to comply to AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1


    • Easy to install and pack down.
    • Ease and speed to mobilise workforce helps
      minimise site down time
      Easy to re-locate with integrated pallet (for fork lifting) and crane lift
    • Suitable for solar panel connection (optional)
    • Integrated fast filling connections with
      strainer and overflow
    • Can be connected to plumbed supply for
      automatic filling
    • Easy erect frame and support floor allows
      quick deployment on flat level ground without expensive concrete footings


      • Soft flow, low velocity shower head optimises
        flushing performance while minimising the harsh water impact on the injured
        users skin
      • 1400L thermally insulated tank made from 60mm
        thick, foam-core LMDPE includes highly visible, UV stabilised colouring
        ideal for outdoor environments
      • Integral flow control to ensure constant flow
        of flushing fluid for 15 minutes
      • Back lit emergency signage
      • Highly visible water level indication and
        water temperature gauge
      • Integrated tank inspection hatches and fast
        draining point
      • Low level water alarm with back to base or
        audio visual alarm (options) available
      • All terrain relocatable base so no need for
        traditional cement base saving time and cost
      • Soft flow, low velocity shower head
      • Suitable for solar panel connection
      • Integrated pallet (with fork lift points) tank
        sits flush on the pallet

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