Environmental and OH&S Test Equipment

Environmental and OH&S Test Equipment from TechRentals can be used on an array of applications and are backed up by TechRentals friendly support team


TechRentals offers the most comprehensive range of environmental test equipment in Australasia. Customers can expect to receive friendly, expert advice from TechRentals technical applications team as well as extensive inventory and nationwide service.

Flexible rental, service and calibration solutions

  • Installation and maintenance of air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Detect gas leaks early and prevent damaging costs to the business
  • Measure how much air is flowing through ducting
  • Conduct testing on work floors for slipperiness
  • Test for UVA/B/C exposure
  • Analyse sound levels
  • Test or measure air quality accurately
  • Measure dust and particle concentration
  • Measure flow of liquids and gases in pipes
  • Measure pH levels
  • Measure sound and noise levels
  • Conduct gas analysis
  • Monitor power across plant and machinery
  • Measure current leakage levels
  • Test power cables
  • Test the integrity of the earthing system and lightning protection
  • Measure doses from ionising radiation
  • Analyse the sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the exhaust flue gases in power plants
  • Conduct light and UV measurement

World’s leading brands of environmental and OH&S testers

  • Panametrics
  • Polysonics
  • Hydrological services
  • TSI
  • Testo
  • Tour & Anderson
  • Hioki
  • Topcon
  • Hewlett Packard
  • B&K
  • TPS

Ensure environmental compliance

TechRentals ensure that they only supply quality products from some of the world’s leading brands, ensuring environmental compliance for all businesses so you can reliably rent or buy the latest environment and OH&S testing equipment for your specific requirements as your need it.

TechRentals now offers the PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser to rent, read more here; http://www.ferret.com.au/c/techrentals/rent-the-petrosense-portable-hydrocarbon-analyser-from-techrentals-n2514492#7fe4kxQHb6iEdDDc.99

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