Enhance your safety with Enware superior self-contained shower and eye wash units

Enware delivers self-contained and portable shower and eye wash units


The self-contained showers or eye wash units are Enware non-plumbed solution to enhancing your workplace safety.

Exceptional quality non-plumbed eye washing equipment

The EL483 is a compact and portable eye wash solution that can be easily relocated to provide immediate emergency assistance which reduces on the job eye injuries. This unit is ideal for sites without plumbing and can be easily stored.

Some of the gravity fed eye wash include:

  • Provides a full 15 minutes of continues flow time  that complies with ANSI Z358.1-2004 and AS4775-2007
  • Easy operation with a fold down eye wash arm which activates the water flow and leaves hands free to hold open eyelids for a more effective flush
  • Spray outlets are protected from dust, grime and damage by the folded up arm
  • Made from FDA green high-density polyethylene, with an orange fold down arm for easy identification
  • Moulded handles on top allows easier handling and is designed to fit neatly on the wall-mounting bracket supplied with every unit
  • 35 litre tank
  • A wide fill opening with threaded cap permits easy inspection, cleaning and filling. Using the ESS200 bacteriostatic preservative allows storage of water for up to a maximum of 6 months
  • Ideal for sites without plumbing
  • Easily re-located to provide emergency eye wash capability near hazards
  • Supplied complete with: wall bracket and one bottle of bacteriostatic additive to preserve the water

Self Contained Eye Wash and Body Spray
The EL 481 is a 45 litre portable self contained eye wash/body spray which features:

  • Soft spray flow controlled eye wash outlets
  • Stainless steel hand actuator and stay open ball valve
  • Trigger action hand held body spray with 1.5m hose
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Safety pressure relief valve and pressure guage
  • Pressurised by plant or bottle air via tyre filler connection – 500kPa (71psi)
  • 45 litre (10 gallon) potable water capacity

Efficient chemical cleansing with Tobin Eye Wash Systems for fast acting sterilisation
The Tobin Eye Wash Systems include the following benefits:

  • Specially designed bottles with opened air vent give 3 minutes of continuous flow
  • Designed to empty under natural pressure, giving  a soft flow
  • Sterile bottles with 3 year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Eye wash cabinet
  • Wall and transport stands

Enware’s range of self-contained safety solutions provide personal safety in the workplace quickly and efficiently.

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