Engineering Products by Richmond Wheels and Castors

Richmond have a team of consultant engineers who will work with you to bring your product ideas to f


Richmond Wheels and Castors not only provide the best range of wheels, castors and materials handling products, they also supply custom engineering products. With engineers that consult from CAD drawing and design right through to sample production and manufacture,  Richmond Wheels and Castors can provide you with custom made engineering products and solutions.

Engineering Equipment from Richmond Wheels and Castors
From the mining industry through to machine automation, aviation and agriculture, Richmond Wheels and Castors can design and manufacture engineering products that will fit your specific application to exact specifications, such as:

  • Pipe rollers to support underground cabling or pipes
  • Castors to hold 20 tonnes plus in construction or wheels and rollers for machinery

Engineering Services from Richmond Wheels and Castors
With our consulting engineers, Richmond Wheels and Castors work with you to manufacture the engineering products to fit your application. Whether you need full service from CAD through to manufacture, or have your own designs to work from, Richmond engineering consulting services experience in industrial design and can manufacture specific products in house saving you time and money. Additionally Richmond engineering arm offers a range of stock engineering products including

  • Track Wheels
  • Concrete Agitator Rollers
  • Pipe Rollers
  • And more
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