Energy Saving Carbon Dioxide Sensors and Controllers for Ventilation Control from ETM Pacific

ETM Pacific manufacture provide SenseAir Air and Gas Sensors and Controllers for use in regulating CO2 levels in interior areas such as mines and car parks

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eSense is part of the SenseAir® range of Carbon Dioxide transmitter for ventilation control, helping to create a healthier indoor air climate.

Save money by decreasing energy consumptions

  • Connect to alarm equipment and or ventilation control systems
  • CO2 controllers for direct control of fans or dampers to regulate CO2 levels as programmed
  • Combined CO2, Temperature and Humidity controller facilitate comprehensive indoor climate control from a single device
  • Combined CO2 and CO controllers for ventilation equipment in mines, tunnels and car parks
Sensor stability and calibration accuracy
Available from ETM Pacific, the SenseAir® carbon dioxide sensors are ideal for:

  • Ventilation control
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Maintaining safety and comfort in public garages, buildings, truck terminals, tunnels and mines
  • Process yield and economic outcome in greenhouses, mushroom farming, food transportation and storage, chicken hatcheries, incubators and dairy

SensaAir® Technology
The unique SenseAir Technology from ETM Pacific is based on the well known principle of infrared (IR) absorption of radiation called the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique. This technique relies on the fact that molecules absorb light (electromagnetic energy) at spectral regions where the radiated wavelength coincides with internal molecular energy levels in the sensor systems.

By detecting the amount of light absorbed, within just a narrow band width that coincides with the resonance wavelength of the species selected, one gets a measure of the number of molecules, free from interference of other species.

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