End of Line Packaging with Palletiser Safety Light Curtains SICK

Reliable access protection with Palletiser Safety Light Curtains from SICK intelligent sensor technology.

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SICK Safety Light Curtains deliver reliable safety protection at pallet entry and exit for workers against hazardous movement using automatic pallet detection intelligence without muting.

In the event of accidental access within a dangerous zone a stop signal is required to be sent to the system controller.

Access protection C4000 Palletiser Safety Light Curtains with no muting sensors required

  • Simple integration to system controller with only one pair of sensors and no muting sensors
  • No additional sensors offer increased availability
  • Easy maintenance and quicker maintenance with increased freedom
  • Space saving capability as pallets can be parked in the protective zone
  • Continuously active sensor automatically learns unlimited shadow patterns allowing pallets to move along by detecting no pattern change
  • Tamper proof design to deliver safety up to certified Cat 4
  • Enhance system with selectable direction recognition and additional input options including barcode scanners

Utilising automatic pallet detection for ensured worker access protection, Safety Light Curtains from SICK advanced developments are easily integrated at end of line processing for food industry applications.

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