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Innovative Encoders built with strength and intelligence for a broad range of applications.

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Performances with measurable results with innovative SICK Encoders are made for a diverse range of applications. Highly programmable and yet customisable, SICK’s range of intelligent Encoders perform to superior standards.

Absolute Encoders
Use absolute encoders when the position data must be retained after loss of power.

Singleturn encoders

  • Absolute Singleturn Encoders are used when the full range of motion in the application occurs within one full revolution (360°) of the encoder shaft
  • Singleturn encoders range includes: AFS60/ ARS60/ ARS20/ ARS25/ AFS/AFM60 EtherNet/IP/ AFS/AFM60 EtherCAT/ AFS/AFM60 PROFINET  

Absolute Multiturn Encoders

  • Multiturn encoders are recommended for applications involving multiple revolutions of the encoder shaft
  • Multiturn encoders range includes: AFS/AFM60 EtherNet/IP and Absolute Multiturn Encoders- Fixed count AFM60/A3M60/ATM60/ ATM90

Incremental Encoders
Use an incremental encoder when retention of absolute position upon power loss is not required. Hub Shaft/ Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders as well as Light Duty and Special Purpose Incremental Encoders are available.

DFS60 Incremental Encoders

  • High resolution and freely programmable to accommodate any value from 1 to 65,536 pulses per revolution (PPR)
  • Output voltage and zero set position programming via software interface
  • Operating temperature of up to 100 C

DRS Incremental Encoders

  • Combines user-defined resolutions and simple installation to create custom resolutions simply with a click
  • Contains CoreTech®, an unparalleled blend of custom-designed OPTO-ASIC technology and a modular mechanical concept

DGS Incremental Encoders

  • Heavy duty for use with traditional code disk technology and to last under tough environmental conditions

Linear Encoders

Use linear encoders to measure incremental or absolute position along any axis.

  • Linear encoders can be used in applications up to 1.7 kilometers long

Wire Draw Encoders
Wire-draw encoders are linear-to-rotational, industrial motion conversion modules, coupled with encoder feedback, to provide cost-effective linear position measurement solutions that precisely fit your requirements.

  • Range includes: EcoLine – BCG/PFG, Highline: BTF/ PRF, Compact: BKS/XKS/PKS

Leading innovation through invested development and research, SICK are consistently leading the industry with better solutions and encoders to solve your applications.

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