Elegant Slimline Phoenix LED Lighting Panels from ProDesign Lighting

Phoenix LED lighting panels meet all relevant industry standards. They are suitable for the home as well as the office.


ProDesign Lighting provide the Phoenix series of LED panel lighting, a highly efficient light source to suit commercial and domestic application, offering up to 75 lumens per watt.

Phoenix LED light panels – highly efficient light sources
Benefits of these panels include:

  • Comply with the 2006 Building Code of Australia efficacy requirements
  • Dramatically exceeding the ≥ 40 lumens/W by almost double
  • Offer the substantial savings of the extended life (+50,000hrs) gained with LED

Soft and diffused LED lighting products and integrated lighting controls

  • The light fitting’s output is soft and diffused, creating an almost shadow free source which is ideally suited for office environments
  • With the choice of two colour temperatures, 3500K and 5500K, and featuring an auto sensing 90-254vAC power supply, these lighting systems are simple to install and operate
  • While most LED lights are not easily dimmable, an optional IR sensor and remote can be provided offering a smooth dimming curve which can also be integrated into the intelligent control systems utilised today in our lighting technology
  • An additional Master/Slave lighting solutions allows for a number of Phoenix LED panels to be networked together providing an integrated LED controls over whole floors from one location

LED Panel Sizes
Lighting Equipment Panels are available in:

  • 300mm x 300mm, 18w 1350 lumens
  • 600mm x 600mm, 72w 5400 lumens
  • 1250mm x 300mm, 72w 5400 lumens
  • 1250mm x 450mm, 72w 5400 lumens
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