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TechRentals has an extensive inventory and nationwide renal service with flexible options including rental, purchase, service and calibration. All TechRentals equipment is backed with friendly expert advice from their technical applications team.

Comprehensive range of Electronic Test Equipment 

  • Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO)
  • DC power supplies and loads
  • LCR meters
  • Probes and accessories
  • Multimeters and electrometers
  • Function generators
  • TV test equipment
  • Logic Analysers and PROM programmers
  • E&H field strength meters
  • EMC and power disturbance simulators
  • Gauss/Tesla meters
  • Laboratory calibrators
  • Low frequency spectrum analysers

TechRentals’ range of electronic test equipment is ideal for determining faults, testing new equipment, circuits and systems as well as developing circuits and systems. This range can also be enlisted to trouble shooting existing cables or wires, measure voltages, currents, and components in a circuit.

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