Electrical Power Testing Products from TR TechRentals


Conduct Testing on Electricity and Power

The TR difference is the friendly expert advice you 檒l receive from our technical applications team, extensive inventory and nationwide service and flexible solutions including rental, purchase, service and calibration.

Range of Electrical Power Test Equipment from TR TechRentals

TR’s range for hire or purchase includes:

Protection relay testing systems, battery management systems, ohm meter, micro-ohm meter, high voltage test set, leakage breaker tester, earth tester, earth test clamp, portable appliance testing, PAT tester, power disturbance monitor, power disturbance logger, 3 phase power demand logger, transformer oil tester, tester, cable and pipe testers, cable and pipe locators, electrical testers and transducers, Hi Pot testers, Magnetic field meters, power transformers, power line conditioners, AC sources/inverters/generators, current injectors, current clamps, multimeters, electrometers, Power analysers, power quality analyser, harmonics analyser, power recorders, insulation testers, conditioning testers, resistance testers, clamp on testers, safety testers, relay test set, circuit breaker analyser, electrical transducer, on-line UPS, on line UPS, power conditioner.

Applications for Electrical Power Test Equipment

TR’s Electrical Power Test Equipment have a broad range of applications including:

Detecting faults on power lines. Verifying electrical insulation in a cable, printed circuit board, electric motor, transformer or other wired assembly. Detecting and isolating faults on transmission and distribution lines by opening and closing circuit breakers. Perform time delay functions. Calculating operating conditions on an electrical circuit and trip circuit breakers when a fault is found. Locating and testing cables and pipes. Measuring the total resistance of a product insulation system once manufactured, installed or repaired. Preventative maintenance. Predicting if a motor, cable or component is due to fail. PAT testing.

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