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Whether your drive is electric, pneumatic or servo pneumatic, the technology used depends on the application. This is why Festo offers not only pneumatic but electric drive solutions enabling you to combine all three technologies into one system which not only provides the ideal solution to a given automation task but also ensures maximum cost-effectiveness. 

The latest generation of electric linear drives opens up a wide range of applications and provide an entirely unique solution from linear axes, cantilever axes, electric slides to linear motor axes  – all from a single source supplier. 

Low-cost electric actuators
The ELGR low-cost electric toothed belt actuator sets a new price-performance standard for the motion control industry

  • Cost-optimised design rules with precision engineering
  • Provides a repetition accuracy of ±0.1 mm and has a service life of 5,000 km
  • Ideal for applications involving relatively short stroke lengths and low moments on the guide, such as pick and place tasks and transporting small masses

Electrical piston-rod cylinders
Festo has launched a series of electrical piston-rod cylinders that provide high accuracy programmable positioning capabilities.

  • Mechanically 100% compatible with Festo’s popular DNC pneumatic cylinders, enabling machine designers and builders to implement mixed technology automation systems very easily.
  • Offer a choice of low-cost lead screw or high performance ball screw drives, allowing designers to use the optimum positioning technology for their particular application

Dynamic and precise guidance with linear motor cylinders
The DNCE-LAS is an electric linear motor cylinder which has been specially designed for small loads:

  • Allows positioning operations with short strokes in less than 20 milliseconds
  • Except for one longside, all the mechanical interfaces of the DNCE-LAS are the same as those of the pneumatic cylinder series DNC
  • The guided version, the DFME-LAS, offers maximum positioning precision and excellent dynamics with small loads
  • Guide with integrated grease reservoir makes cylinders maintenance free with long service life
  • Hundreds of freely selectable combinations are possible, both with other electric, pneumatic and servo pneumatic drives and with components for gripping and assembling

Fast short-stroke electric cylinders
It works like a pneumatic cylinder, but is much more dynamic: the electric short stroke cylinder ADNE-LAS with integrated linear motor.

  • An electric drive for short strokes of up to 45 mm that is easy to commission even without any programming knowledge is finally available
  • Optimized for dynamic movements between two end positions. In short cycle times of just 60 milliseconds, it can execute a motion cycle with advance and return strokes of 15mm
  • This electric short-stroke cylinder is thus exactly the right drive for attaching labels in the packaging industry or in small parts assembly to press small parts into place for spot welding or for checking buttons in test machines
For all motion tasks requiring electrical drives, Festo can provide a reliable and cost effective solution for your business.

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